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As Buzzin’ Fly prepare to take a firm grip on Cable again this weekend for their Spring party, we took five minutes out to sit down with Prins Thomas. Prins is best known for his work with Hans-Peter Lindstrom, and of course his Full Pupp record label, home to many of todays esteemed producers. Anyone who has followed this guy will know that there is a whole different side to this eclectic Norwegian….

WFS: So Prins, who would you love to do a Back to Back DJ set with?

Prins: Anyone with a big record bag, great selection and a small ego. Had loads of fun DJing at this outdoor party with Harvey last summer in Oslo. It was us and 20 other people…but very nice indeed. Ata is always fun to play back to back with, and most of all Gerd Janson who runs the Running Back label. Todd Terje, my Full Pupp homies Magnus International, Blackbelt Andersen and Espen Haa…

If you were to DJ another genre of music, what would it be?

I try to pack in all the good bits from all the genres I like but I guess there’s some stuff I never find the perfect time to play… I got some great Hawaiian slide guitar records… Burt Bacarach is one of the greatest pop composers but I guess a night of his music only would be a bit too much… I guess I would never want to play one genre of music all night long, unless we can loosen up the definintions. Universal boogie? Yes, all night long…

Name a record label you’d like to record on?

Oh, it would be nice to have my name on any of the labels that are close to my heart but I just nailed Harvest which was always the top of the list so I guess it’s only downhill from here…

Your favourite Club Night to party at?

Most definitely “Full Pupp” at Blå in Oslo. And of course, I do enjoy playing at Ben Watt’s “Buzzin Fly” party. Did that just earn me a nice bottle of Islay Single Malt next Saturday?

A City you’ve yet to play in that you’d like to?

I’ve been to Japan many times but never to Kyoto. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be very nice so I guess Kyoto.

Are you interested in other musical forms (i.e. Film scores, opera etc)?

Yes. A little bit of everything. Every day…

Do you play an(other) instrument and have you ever been in a band?

I play ALL instruments. Badly…

When you come to London other than DJing / playing what do you love doing?

Sadly I don’t travel much unless I’m playing. Time off is best enjoyed at home with my family. Whenever I’ve got the time I try to at least get a Sunday roast or some beers in a pub. Ideally one with a very silly name.

The best band / live gig you have been to recently?

Prins Thomas Orkester a few weeks ago in Oslo was pretty good. Dungen last december was fantastic.

Favorite thing about your home city?

It’s where I live

Prins is playing (probably a little inebriated on Single Malt Whisky) at the Buzzin’ Fly Spring Party at Cable on March 5th…
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