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Resident Advisor as we are sure many of you know is the worldwide bible on electronic music and have worked incredibly hard for their position. RA are about to celebrate their 10th anniversary and they’ve cooked up something rather epic: a series of ten parties in ten cities around the world, each with a very special secret headliner.

Ten parties, ten cities – easy so far right? Well, here’s the deal with the secret headliners: each event will feature one carefully selected artist who has positively influenced the electronic music landscape over the past decade. Their identities will remain strictly under wraps until they take to the decks. Up to that point, each one will be known simply as the X (see what they did there?).


Each X has curated their party, so the rest of the lineup could provide a hint as to who’s waiting in the wings…

We are very excited that the first party launches at Cable this Saturday and boosts a particularly diverse cast set to take over the venue. Techno comes courtesy of Horizontal Ground’s 19.454. and just to make it absolutely clear to all out there, despite this artists identity being secret – they are not the X. Onur Ozer (Cocoon). Trevor Jackson, Dial’s Lawrence (Sten, Mule, Hamburg) and the young Kyle Hall (Wild Oats, FXHE, Hyperdub, Detroit) will all likely be flying the flag for the more house-inclined. And what Hessle Audio boss Ben UFO will go for is anyone’s guess. So, knowing all those are playing, one question remains – who is the X? Well rest assured it is a very big name who has definitely challenged the boundaries of electronic dance music. We will also say this – guessing this one is not easy! If you head over to the RA event page you’ll see many have tried and failed.

We just found out who it is and are going to go and wait by the DJ booth now so we have the best view in the house!

Roll on Saturday…
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