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Ahead of his appearance at We Fear Silence with Phaeleh, Ikonika and Deadboy at Cable on Saturday 15th September, we sat down with the genre spanning North Londoner to find out a little more.

1. Seeing as your production is influenced by vast number of genres including house, garage, techno, jungle and can't really be pinned down to any particular genre, which artist's were / are major influences on your production?

Dillinja will always be my biggest influence. I got into electronic music through pirate radio when I was in school and at the time tech step drum'n'bass was the big thing, so that's what I always go back to in my head.

2. Having released on labels such as Numbers and Hessle Audio and your production being so diverse would you say that when you're producing a track do you already have a label in mind that it would fit to or do you literally just see what happens?

Nah I just make the tracks and see what happens. I write a lot of music most of it is shite so the good stuff that filters through ends up being quite varied

3. At the moment there's a lot of people trying to categorize certain songs / Artists with terms like 'Future Garage' and 'Future Bass' due to the amount of crossover music between genres. What are your thoughts on the whole UK scene right now?

I like the way there are so many splinted sounds, can't say I like all of it there's a lot of mediocre preset music, but that's just my personal taste.

Someone might listen to what I do and say that guy just sounds like he's copying so-and-so, or stuck in the late 90s. But I probably don't like your shit music so it's cool.

4. What artists are you looking at the moment that personify the UK sound and are forward thinking for you?

It's too varied for any artist to personify it. It's got to the level where you can do anything really and that's cool.

When everyone is moving in different directions how do you define forward? This music is about making people move, it should be primal. The less thinking the better, have a fucking good time and shut up.

5. Any plans for an Album at all?

The album format is dead. Albums are meant for songs and meanings, my music has no meaning and that's the way I like it.

6. What would be a dream collaboration for you?

The day I find the right vocal/songwriting collaborator to make some crazy pop music. Definitely won't be under the name 'Randomer' though.

7. What's been your favourite / memorable moment at a gig / event so far?

Probably waking up completely naked on a bathroom floor in Poland with no idea what happened and the front door wide open
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