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Ahead of Sunday Best at Cable, we got chance to sit down and have a chat to the organiser of the night, Bestival and Radio 1 presenter, Rob da Bank.

WFS: Hi Rob, cheers for sitting down with us. So how did Sunday Best come about?

Rob da Bank: Sunday Best was a little club night launched as a Sunday afternoon/evening shindig about 15 years ago in South London. It really was tiny with anything from 5 to 300 people turning up. It ran for seven years at the same venue every Sunday, was £1.99 to get in and everyone from DJ Harvey to Andrew Weatherall, Fatboy Slim to Basement Jaxx played for a packet of crisps.

Have you ever done a Sunday Best themed party?

We've continued to do Sunday Best parties from hosting tents at Glastonbury to small pub raves on Sunday afternoons. This is probably the most electronic party we’ve done in a while. I’m really pleased with the line up, it is a who’s who of who’s hot at the moment.

You have collaborated with Tom Middleton to make Robortom, who else would you like to collaborate with?

I’d love to write an opera with Bjork, a musical with Prince and an ambient album with Kate Bush. I’m slightly joking but if push came to shove id turn up for work that day!

Are you planning to do more Robortom projects?

I hope so. Tom lives in Italy and both of us are crazily busy plus we both have three boys under five so hopefully one day!

Are you interested in other musical forms (i.e. Film scores, opera etc)?

I’m hopefully doing my first bit of music supervision on a UK film this summer. I’m also doing an event next week DJing along to the silent film of King Kong which I’ve previously done for BBC 3 so yes I’d love to widen my horizons!

Do you play any other instrument’s and have you ever been in a band?

I played bass guitar quite poorly in an indie band called Mr Machenrys Mad Cow when I was 15 and I played the trombone from the age of 8 in my Dad’s brass band. I must dig it out sometime!

When you come to London other than DJing / playing what do you love doing?

I still live mostly in South London and if I’m not babysitting, doing radio or running the label, I’m found in top eateries and bars across South London. The North smells.

What are your emotions when you are DJing the very last set of Bestival?

Always a massive sense of relief that I’ve nearly made it through another year then I get a bit sad that it’s all over again!

You can catch Rob da Bank playing this Saturday at Sunday Best with the likes of Photek, Actress, Bullion and more. Tickets are available here.
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