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Cable's clubbing cousin Ministry of Sound has become the latest club to come under threat due to a block of flats that could be built just a few metres away from the historic venue's front doors. They campaigned hard against the original planning application and scored a massive victory when in 2011 the scheme was rejected unanimously. Let the music play on, right? Well maybe not because Boris Johnson, the mop-topped cycle-maniac Mayor of London himself has decided to call in the application and will make a decision on the development on 26th February. The fate of the world-famous club is once again in the balance. Nice one Boris.

Ministry have redoubled their efforts and launched their #savemosclub petition and from our perspective it deserves the full support of clubbers and clubs across the globe. We urge you dear Cable fans, to get behind the campaign and show your support. You may not be a fan of MoS, but if you're a fan of Cable and clubbing you should owe a debt of gratitude to what Ministry achieved. The venue revolutionised the London club scene when it opened 21 years ago and it would be a crying shame if such an innovator and champion of electronic dance music were to close at the expense of yet more ugly tower blocks. If we let the fat cat developers win again then who's next? London's vibrant clubbing landscape has already been decimated by the bulldozers over recent years - it's time to take a stand and unite for the cause!

Click here to sign the online petition. You can tweet @MinistryofSound using the #saveMOSClub hashtag to show your support. You can also have your say on their Facebook page here.
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