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For the people out there who dont already know you, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do...

My name is Seven. I'm DJ and Producer from London. To describe my sound, I'd say its a universal mixture of dark minimal groove based rollers and techie smashers, with a slight B-Boy element to the beats, whilst retaining a dance-floor edge people could really get down to. I like to make music I think people will enjoy listening to past a certain era and not just during a musical trend or phase within a scene. But above all, its not just a collection of noises.

You were originally a drum and bass producer, what made you make the transition to where you are now?

I had a drum n bass career spanning over 5 years and 15 releases on some prestigious labels. Even though I was quite well established i never felt like i found my true sound, but when i started experimenting with dubstep, my SEV3N sound just seemed to come naturally and fell into place for me. The tempo of dubstep allowed me to write the kind of grooves that i found hard to fit into the drum n bass, which opened up a whole new avenue for me that i wanted to express my self through musically.

What are your thoughts on the current 'dubstep' scene in the UK ?

It's thriving right now. I think its bigger than it's ever been. There's so much good music out there and constantl up and coming talent.You can't compare it to the stuff our US cousins are repping, its a whole different thing entirely. We just share the same name.

Who are you down with? Who do you rep?

I'm down with and repping Black Box Records, Wheel and Deal, Tempa, Subway and Aquatic Lab and represented by Archetype Artists Agency.

What was the first tune you played during your last set?

Seven - Twilight Horizons - Evolution LP - Black Box Records.

What projects are you working on at the moment? What can we expect from you in the near future?

I'm just about to release my debut album on Black Box Records. Its titled Evolution and will be out in May this year. It features 13 tracks on the CD and a triple vinyl pack with a full CD release inside it too. Also on release day we will be releasing a digital single called "Came to Play" which is full vocal track featuring Alys Be.

I have just started my second album for Black Box Records too. Things are really busy right now.

What's been your favourite tune to drop recently?

Such a tough question to answer. I don't really have 1 favourite. i love all the tracks i play so much. Just to narrow down all the tunes i get sent into a 26 track hour long set is a mission in its self, as well as all my own tunes. Sometimes i just don't have time to play even half of the ones i would like to. Ruff House smacked it though.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I get restless. I'm not a lay in bed person, unless i have a girl with me. smile

What has been the worst set you've ever played?

I got really drunk on tour once and thought I played the best set ever. i listened to the recording the next day and it was terrible. Technically thats probably the worst one i have played haha! Everywhere i get to play is a blessing though, so there isn't a worst place, the party is what i make it i guess.

And the best?

Wow, all of them. I remember mixing in my room on friday nights wishing i was out playing clubs. So to be booked and playing real events is like a dream come true. They are all a blessing. Cervantes in Denver for Submission is fire!!!! I also played this place recently called Bratski Krug which was sick, one of the best crowds i have played to so far.

Who's your 'one to watch' DJ of 2012?

Chewie. Trust me he's a badman!

Subdub - Friday 27th April - Cable, London
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