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Berghain resident, Hard Wax impresario, Ostgun Ton recording artists, and one of the more interesting producers from across the electronic music spectrum. Shed launches his sophomore album ‘The Traveller’ with us on Saturday night, so we tracked him down for a brief natter…

What were your earliest musical influences?

I can’t remember. No musicians in my family so that I discovered music just by listing to radio. But I was a huge fan of Pet Shop Boys!

What was it like growing up in East Germany?

I had a fantastic youth. I guess it doesn’t matter where you grow up. You’re just young – and thats good. In the end I’m really happy that I grew up near Berlin. It wasn’t that far away to go to clubs there. And the early ’90 were very, very, very exciting here!

How did you tastes evolve as you begun to discover dance music? What tracks stand out as musical turning points?

I really can not remember how it was in the end but here some favorites of mine from the early time:

Robert Armani – Circus Bells...

EQ – Graphic Remixes
English Muffin – The Blood Of An English Muffin
Force Mass Motion – Panic
Millsart – Step To Enchantment

How did your hook up with Berghain and Ostgut Ton first come about?

I played there (Berghain) several times and I got in contact with Marcel Dettmann during our time as colleagues at Hard Wax. He had the idea to bring out the first album on O-Ton and he asked Michael from Berghain. I wasn’t really sure about it at that time but today I know for sure that it was the right decision.

As dubstep has become a growing influence on you in recent years, what dubstep artists/labels/tracks would you recommend to a techno purist looking to expand their horizons?

Pinch, Vex’d, Mark Pritchard, Zomby

You have worked in Hard Wax for many years, if a customer who didn’t know you came into the shop, how would you describe your album to them?

It’s not for you. Totally over-rated! Just leave it here…. smile

What are the emotions you hope to impart on a listener the first time they hear ‘The Traveller’?

Oh, that wasn’t that bad!

You’re playing a live set at your album launch with us, how ‘live’ is your set, how do you approach it and what equipment do you use?

As “live” as “live” could be and I can still handle it. I only have two hands and that’s sometimes not enough. I use Ableton with two controllers and a X-Base with some EFX.
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Shed Interview
7th September 2010
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