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Ahead of next Friday's Basslaced event featuring Loehaf, Boddika, Mumdance, Hatcha and of course Silkie, we took two minutes to have a quick cuppa and find out a bit more about the man that is causing bassline stirs and is about to release another album...

Cable: So Silkie, what are your first memories of playing at BassLaced and why did you choose to work with those guys on your album launch party?

Silkie: I first played at BassLaced in Nottingham a few years ago, I remember it being a really lively night and great crowd. I looked forward to playing up there ever since and when Basslaced came to London in March, I played at the party and it went off! Tom from Basslaced approached me with a date which was so close to the release date of my album I was like, lets do it.

What was the inspiration behind City Limits Vol 2, your soon to be released album?

It's hard to talk about my inspirations for the music I've just recently made as your mostly unaware of the influence until someone tells you. Nowadays I dont actively search out much music, I hear what comes to me through being in clubs, YouTube and radio. When I was making the album I didn't have much time to listen to much music either - I was too busy making it.

How does it connect to City Limits Vol 1?

Other than the name - it's a continuation of the vibe I've been on for the last few years.

Are you planning any more albums after this and what direction can we expect them to take?

I'm not planning a City Limits Vol 3 just yet! I will make more albums for sure but the direction is something I don't know and I hope not to know as it's what makes music exciting, not knowing whats next.

Do you produce any other types of music apart from Dubstep?

I dont really think about it like that, but I do make music at different tempos - I think you will hear more variety in the future.

Who would you describe as your main musical influences?

I still love Old School Garage, so a lot of the classic producers from those days - Wookie, Sticky, MJ Cole, Tuff Jam, Todd Edwards - I could literally go on forever about UK Garage.

There is a lot of hype surrounding your forthcoming release with No Lay, how do you know her and how far back does that stretch?

I did a track with her back in 2005 called 'Unorthodox Daughter' which featured on the 'Run The Roads' compilation on 679 Records, so we go way back. We fell out of touch but now were back in touch I'm definitely gonna do some more tracks with her.

Do you enjoy working with vocalists and will this be something you’ll look to do more of in the future?

I love instrumentals but I like the challenge of working with vocals so I will be doing more for sure - not instead of instrumentals though.

So as people prepare to put ther hand in their pocket to see you play next week - Which DJ would you pay to see?

Jazzy Jeff

For those yet to hear the sounds of Silkie, be sure to check out this mix courtesy of the good people at FACT Mag...
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