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After producing his first track at the age of 15, West London producer Silkie has gone from strength to strength in his music career. With two critically acclaimed albums under his belt released on Mala’s ground-breaking Deep Medi imprint all whilst still in his mid-20s some may say he’s just getting started. Last year saw him release City Limits Vol.2 as well as embark on heavy touring schedule which at one point saw him take on a remarkable 14 flights in 15 days. Ahead of Basslaced this week we had a quick catch up with him and talked about a follow up to City Limits Vol.3’, future collaborations and his plans for his own label Antisocial Entertainment.

Your last release, City Limits Vol.2, was very much a continuation of the style from Vol.1 - are there any plans for a Vol.3?
I’m working on projects at the moment but Vol.3 is not one of them.

You've recently collaborated with Swindle for an upcoming release on Butterz, how did this collaboration come about?
Through twitter actually. A lot of people were saying we should collaborate on Twitter so he got in contact and I invited him to my studio. He’s now in my crew, Anti Social Entertainment, so as you can imagine we got on pretty well.

You both have a sound takes influence from Funk, Soul and Jazz - did you find you had a similar approach when it came to making the EP?
We both play keys so it was nice because we didn’t have to wait for each other to get up to speed with the melodic direction. Plus we both generally want the same thing out of a track I reckon - funk, bass and energy so we're pulling in the same direction.

Having started out making Grime, do you still pay much attention to that scene at the moment?
To be honest I don’t pay any attention to any scene, I don’t go out of my way to listen to any music. I just stumble across stuff, I like it that way.

You've collaborated with New Zealanders Truth and French Dubstep producer Von. D. Do you have any other collaborationss with artists outside of the UK in the pipeline?
Yeah when I go on tour I try hook up with the local talent if there's any time. I’ve got a tune I did with Distal and Mite from Atlanta that I want to release soon so look out for that.

If you could collaborate with anyone outside of the Dubstep scene who would it be and why?
Stevie Wonder because he's the best.

What are some of tunes that have not left your record box over the last few months?
Don’t know the name of the tunes I just steal them off Quest.

What have you got planned for Deep Medi and Anti-Social Entertainment this year?
We’ll be releasing on Deep Medi this year for sure so look out for that and as for Anti-Social Entertainment look out for the label bearing the same name.

Silkie will be appearing at Basslaced on 20th January alongoide Breakage, Benji B, Kasra & Foreign Conept and more.
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Silkie Interview
16th January 2012
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