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This weekend sees the showcase of Elijah & Skilliam’s prolific Butterz label alongside fellow imprint Hardrive take over the arches of London Bridge at Cable. It's time, then, to have a chat with main man Swindle, perhaps one of the most innovative artists to emerge from the imprint that is transforming the Grime scene as we know it.

You don't work with MCs very often so how did Ignition come about? Has the response to this motivated you to look at doing more collaborations with MCs?

Ignition came about through me asking my twitter followers who they think i should work with! at least 70% said Footsie and they were right! I will be working with more MC's but only as and when the music is right for it.

You have been 'self-releasing' your music for a long time now, with releases like the 140 Mixtape and Who Said Funk, but never really pushed your own label. Could you see yourself doing that in the future?

Yes, I'd love to get to a point where I can start taking on new artists and producers but for now 'Swindle Productions' is a place for me to release my own vocal singles, I'm still working with other labels such as Butterz and more.

How difficult is it for you to balance working on Grime, Dubstep and House at the same time, especially working with Butterz closely who only release Grime tracks?

I really don't see it like that! I just make a lot of music it only becomes a part of a genre by who decides to play or listen to it!

What brought about the collaboration with Silkie - Unlimited and you joining Anti Social?

A collab with Silkie is something people had suggested to us for a while before it came about! Long overdue I guess. Quest, Silkie and Antisocial - although our sounds differ, they stand for the same thing in electronic music that mine do! So it makes perfect sense I guess.

The competitiveness between the artists on the 24th is huge. Who's going to pull out the best set on the night? Do you make tunes especially for the night? What do you think you bring to the night individually?

The night's gonna be wicked I'm really looking forward to it! I will be making new beats for it, and my set will have the Swindle stamp people come to see me for!


Catch the Butterz & Hardrive crews in action at the forthcoming label party at Cable. Follow the link below for full event info & tickets;
We Fear Silence present Butterz & Hardrive at Cable – Saturday 24th March.

There's also a wicked documentary here which focuses on the progression of Butterz as an independent record label.
This Is Butterz - Documentary
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