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As you all know, Cable recently played host to the 10th anniversary of VICE Magazine; a free, world-wide publication which, unless you've been living in a cave for the past decade, you will have most certainly read. At the very least you will have heard the name uttered with a likely accompaniment of sarcasm, satire and cynicism.

The party was big. There is no denying this fact. Doors opened at 9pm, by 8pm the queue was gargantuan with the Bermondsey Tunnel overflowing with the coolest kids of today, and the air was rife with the aforementioned sarcasm, satire and cynicism traits of the modern day hipster. And for good reason; the line-up was something pretty special. Crystal Castles topped the bill, with Mark Ronson and James from Klaxons DJing, as well as Rory Phillips, Mumdance, Trash Talk, Iggy Azalea and Actress to name a few. Also on the bill was the man that definitely knows how to party, Andrew WK and also wordsmith Danny Brown.

Now, VICE also have a side-chained project called Noisey-TV. Yeah, you figured it out. It's a TV channel for all the tomfoolery those crazy kids get up to when they're trying to be "VICE - The Subtle Edition". The pair decided it would be a great idea to commandeer a camera, mic and assorted props and put together this little viddy on How to survive VICE parties. It's pretty hilarious. Not only are they both totally wasterbated but they make some excellent points on, well, not being wasterbated and how to enjoy yourself amongst the throng of Doc Martins, empty frames and that inescapable vintage musk that was definitely wafting down the corridors of Cable.

If the video doesn't aid you as a friendly public service announcement from a concerned duo of respectable repute, it should at the very least provide you with barely over 3 minutes of entertainment. Click here to enjoy.

The party was most certainly fun, despite the fact that it was totally rammed and getting to the bar took about 20-30 minutes. Still, when you get a line-up like that, add in a free bar which was stocked with high quality liquor and an incredible level of organisation and execution, you can't really complain, can you. No, you can't.

10 more years of VICE please.
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