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"Hey, wanna come over and check out my MP3 collection?" is a chat up line that has never been used. This is FACT. And no one remembers the first MP3 they bought, whereas I suspect every single one of you remembers your first vinyl purchase.

For the 5th year running there has been an increase in the sale of vinyl releases with Coexist by The xx coming in as the best-seller of 2012, beating the re-release of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust by our man Bowie. Third and fourth spots go to Jack White and Adele respectively.

The growth of vinyl has has risen by 15.3% Year-on-Year, knocking up a total 389,000 this year, a smashing 52,000 more the 2011. Fingers are firmly crossed for a repeat in growth, perhaps maybe even flirting with the half-a-million mark.

Although the amount of sales from vinyl pales in insignificance to CD and digital sales, the new rise in vinyl has cemented it as the longest-standing music format in the last 60 years. And with the resurgence of vinyl releases, crate diggers and sound purists vinyl may well stay about for another few decades. Most vinyl releases come with download codes now, so you get the best of both worlds anyway. Not to mention the amount of limited edition tracks, vinyl-only releases and vinyl-only labels (most of which don't come with download codes).

Long live vinyl. It sounds better, it feels better, it is better.

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