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As the final part of our look into the past of Metalheadz we get some introspective commentary from those who witnessed the label develop from its humble beginnings to the legacy it is today. We're honoured to have got DJ Die, Flight and the honourable Storm to dissect their favourite releases on Metalheadz and explain what makes them standout to this day. As a label with such a rich and diverse back catalogue these are interesting and valuable insights into the past years of the D&B scene from those who were lucky enough to witness the landmark releases first hand.

DJ Die

Meth006 - Dillinja - The Angels Fell

"Oh man so many it’s hard to choose but I’m gonna say Meth006 Dillinja 'Ja Know Ya Big'. It’s a classic Carl Dillinja amen smasher. I love it because it’s wicked for mixing with long beats and the intro with the stupid dope edits but it’s the way the funk guitars slide in, kills me. This was a time when the groove and pattern of the beats was 70% of the song and this groove twists my head up. I was living in a flat above Smith & Mighty’s studio in Bristol with Bill Riley and we had his decks set up in this attic space. We used to pretend we had a radio station and were broadcasting live to Bristol. This was at a time just before I started to get load of DJ gigs so we were always practicing and making tapes. We used to argue about who was gonna play it but one way or another 'Ja Know Ya Big' used to get battered to death in these sessions. Killlaaaaaaaaaa Tune!!!"


Meth027 - Optical - To Shape The Future

"You would think it quite hard to pick favourites from a back-catalogue as rich as Metalheadz but this release popped into my head straight away - Meth027 by Optical 'To Shape The Future' / 'Raging Calm' / Matrix 'Undersea Flight'. I can picture the first couple of times I heard it, Sunday Sessionz at Blue Note. Clayton from Renegade Hardware was talking about "this new guy, Optical, ‘Rider's bringing him through". The A-side was so different to most other tunes around at the time, reminded me of hoover tubes for some reason! Each track still sounds so futuristic. I play Raging Calm every so often (one of my all-time favourite D&B tunes) and it doesn't sound dated at all, a true sign of quality. Honourable mention goes to J Majik's 'Repertoire' - lush piece of music."


Meth007 - J.Majik - Your Sound

"Being asked for just one tune from the Metalheadz catalogue is impossible so I decided to talk about one of the first releases Kemistry and I put out whilst working for Metalheadz.‘Your Sound’ by J.Majik (Meth007) was one of the most perfect executions of the ‘Amen Break’ ever in the whole history of Drum and Bass and the chord that runs through it seemed to sparkle somehow. J.Majik was aptly named 'wunderkind' by Goldie he was so young when he found this music and he was so inspirational. In his early days working alongside Lemon D, who also released on Metalheadz , he found his style. ‘Tranquil’ was a pure slice of beauty and showed an incredible amount of maturity from J.Majik, the emotion he showed in this track was so deep and moving. This release was way ahead of its time was unique, forward thinking and firmly on the cutting edge which was always the Metalheadz ethos. It was never about making money, it was about making music to make you take notice and take your mind body and soul to different levels and this certainly did. This release stood the test of time and has earned its status of being not just a Metalheadz classic, but a classic in its own right."

DJ Die, Flight and Storm will all be playing at Cable for We Fear Silence present: Metalheadz The History Sessions on 19th November.
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