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25 years ago three chancers returned from a boys' holiday on the White Isle - they returned to London inspired by a little known Spanish DJ, who unbeknownst to them would precipitate a club land revolution. With their newly acquired Balearic tunes and hedonistic attitudes - they would re-write the history of early 90's dance music, with a musical movement that bred from Amnesia in Ibiza, to the dark tunnels, hidden from view, inside London's SE1. And this year, on Saturday 8th December 2012, that very movement
celebrates its 25th year anniversary at SE1's very own Cable.

The opening of Danny Rampling's infamous Shoom Club became a seminal event for the rave moment in the late eighties - a figurehead by which a slew of underground parties, in an
old fitness centre on Southwark Street, would follow. From its inception on the 5th December 1987, that 'Balearic' mix of funk, soul and indie infused with house imported from US and Italy, would become the sound that attracted a multi-cultural, multi-class movement of the disillusioned - brought together by their yearning to experience something unique.

The Shoom Club became a launching point for acid house culture - broadcasting its ethos from the cavernous tunnels beneath London Bridge railway station, inspiring a number of
other parties to pick up the trend and move to the area (RIP, Rave To The Cave).

SE1 is now at the epicentre of London's recent 'nightclub revolution' which has seen promoters returning to the late eighties tradition of throwing parties in vast arches beneath the train tracks of SE1. Venues such as Ewer Street Car Park, Cable London, the now-dead SEONE and The Sidings Warehouse all located in London Bridge, have been the location for some of
the capital's largest musical gatherings.

When Cable Nightclub launched in 2009, it would complete that full circle. And so, on the 8th & 9th December , Shoom will celebrate their 25th anniversary with two special parties.

As Danny Rampling puts it, "Cable would have been the original home to Shoom if it was there in '87 '88, it's a great club. I feel it's important to celebrate the occasion in the area where it all began."

The birthday event, which will return early, rave DJs to their roots, sold out 4 hours after tickets were released, so an extra date (on Sunday 9th December) has been added due
to popular demand.

Shoom 25th Anniversary: A Celebration Of Our Culture - Part 2
Sunday 9th December at Cable, London

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The birthday celebrations have also been heavily supported by BBC Radio 2 and Radio 6. Check out this recent interview Danny did for the Radcliff & Maconie Radio 6 show as well as this mix from the man himself on the Dave Pearce show.

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