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Tomba is the long term partner in crime of Borgore, head of Buygore records, Israel's first major dubstep label. The pair have a diverse musical history - from a brief foray into Metal as part of Shabira to Beatboxing and MCing together as AlphaMale Primates. Tomba was one of the first producers to start creating the heavy, metal influenced Dubstep sound, and his mega energetic live sets are legendary. Idiosynphonic - you're in for a treat! Just don't mention his Gran's dog...

So Tomba, are you looking forward to playing in London again?
Nah, heard you lot suck! Of course I am man, London is always BANGIN!

It's safe to say that dubstep has kicked off in Israel - but when were you first introduced to it?
Borgore and I went to our regular bar in Tel-Aviv, and some local DJ played Dubstep, it was love at first sight. Think it was 2006 or 2005... can't recall.

It's Idiosynphonic's 1st Birthday! The Buygore crew seem to enjoy the odd party now and then - what's the wildest birthday you've ever been to?
Birthday of my nan's dog. Weirdest shit ever. She cooked it a better meal than she did for me.

You don't always remix tracks that people would necessarily expect (Asking Alexandria, LMFAO with Borgore) Is there any track you’re not able to turn into a good bit of filth?!
I hope not! I think that due to the nature of Dubstep and its ability to include practically every music genre in it, there is a potential for a Dubstep remix to any song.

You're releasing a FREE EP - much appreciated! We already know it includes a VIP of 'Hebrew Hammer', what else can your fans expect to find on it?
A bunch of unreleased tracks, such as RAW, Tantrum, Herpes, Bitches and maybe a couple more! It's taking forever though, because all of these are old heavy projects which I have to finish and pimp up - that's the problem with making a tune, not finishing it and uploading to YouTube.

It might or might not surprise the readers to know Tomba & Borgore played together in Metal band Shabira. How have the crowds changed since you quit metal and became a dubstep producer? Less hairy sweaty blokes?!
TBH, my metal 'career' was a short one as a performer, but I would say there are always hairy sweaty blokes in any party/show. Me included! (Check out my leg hair man...)

Metal, Drum & Bass, and your particular brand of Dubstep is all very high energy stuff - what do you do to chill out?
Listen to reggae at the beach, or some classical music for inspiration. But usually I don't chill out to music, silence is a pretty chilling out thing.

Free EP and UK sets aside, what have you got planned for the rest of the year?
Lots of European gigs, and a Canadian tour at the end of the year! Also working on a couple of more remixes, and hope to release another EP on Buygore till the end of this year, and if not at the start of next year!

Alphamale Primates (Tomba & Borgore's first production project together) started out as a beatboxing/ MC duo. Is any of your beatboxing stuff still floating about?
I know there a couple of YouTube vids, I was actually thinking of doing a track with my beatboxing in it because I had a couple of fans urging me to and it seemed like a good idea!

DJ Captain Crunch is breaking new ground doing some incredible mixing for your label. What's your favorite cereal?
Good ol boring corn flakes smile I don't like sweet stuff

There are a huge range of artists on Idiosynphonic's Birthday lineup. Who in particular would you say you're a fan of?
Wow, well.. a lot! But to name a few, The Others, Doctor P and Skism are definitely up there. Oh and Roksonix's new release is a banger!

Tomba plays at Idiosynphionic's 1st Birthday Bash on Friday 7th October 2011.

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Tomba Interview
5th October 2011
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