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Ahead of Friday's humongous 'May The 4th Be With You' Idiosynphonic party at Cable, we pinned down promoter Alex Donald for a chat. We also blagged an exclusive mix from Idio guest Tomek N for your aural pleasure.

So you’re just back from Snowbombing. Lucky guy! How was it?

Snowbombing was the best holiday of my life, from the very first night of the rally where I ended up on the roof of the hotel with Rankoutsider to meeting dancing next to High Contrast in the Sclussel whilst Shy FX dropped ‘If W Ever’, it is a crazy holiday. It was helped by getting a lot of free drinks from the Eristoff Wolves but there is so much music variety that it meets everyone’s needs. I went to see High Contrast and then found myself at Soulclap. It is the best festival I have ever been to and everyone needs to go plus there is the added bonus of being able to go onto the slopes. I am definitely going back next year!

Tell us about your musical tastes growing up.

At the age of 6 I was jumping around to ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ by The Prodigy and ‘Block Rockin Beats’ by The Chemical Brothers but then went through a more Rock based period however I treasured my Fabric Live CD which was mixed by DJ Hype.

It’s obvious you have a soft spot for drum & bass, but how did this progress through to dubstep?

I was 13 and was chilling with a friend and his older brother came in and played ‘Super Sharp Shooter and I instantly loved ‘DnB’ but what took it to a whole new level was ‘Together’, ‘The Trip’ and ‘Kaleidiscope’ by Logistics they are such amazing tracks! Dubstep came later, I can remember seeing N Type and Hatcha in early 2007 and not really getting it but then listening to Zeds Dead and being amazed by it.

Can we hear the Idiosynphonic saga, starting from day one?

Myself and Phonografik wanted to start a blog to cover D&B and Dubstep and everything in between and had a launch party with Camo +Krooked, Brookes Brothers, Modestep and Dexcell at Goldsmiths University and had 300 people turn up. After that we had no idea where it would take us but I kept asking Cable for a date and they gave it to us, so we got Modestep Live, Doctor P, Roksonix and Dubba Jonny Live on the bill and have never looked back! Idiosynphonic is about bringing the best acts to Cable and charging as cheap as possible plus no rewinds!!!

Anything you want to rant about?

Acts over-charging ridiculous amounts when you have promoted them and helped them get to where they are.

On the subject of bookings, how do you formulate your line-ups?

Idiosynphonic is always a variation in music. This year we have already had Hazard, Cutline, TC, Reeps One, Wilkinson, Shock One, Tomba, Distance, Silkie B2B Quest and next week we have Kill The Noise, Alvin Risk, Calvetron. Basically whoever I can get my hands on and try to be as original as possible. Also we like Live stuff and later on in the year you will see Document One’s first ever Live Show in London underneath Cable’s arches.

Which acts are on the Idio-hitlist?

We have had Camo + Krooked play a DJ set but we would love to have them play Live for us at some point. Noisia are another, incredible producers and would just be nuts. I can remember when they played at Cable for Metalheadz and they tore the place apart. Dillon Francis would be amazing to land and also Zeds Dead, every track they produce is different but smashes it in everyway.

You also have other strings to your bow such as artist management. What led you down that route?

I knew Modestep from when they had under 1000 fans due to a housemate going to school with them and Xkore was similar and they both have become really successful. I just want to help people in as many ways as possible and this is just another way I suppose.

What was it that initially drew you to Cable?

Swerve on a Wednesday night! I was looking for places to go and spend my student loan at Goldsmiths and a reason not to go to my 9am lecture so came a couple of times. I then moved away to Newcastle but came back for a Shogun Audio night and now come quite regularly to cause mischief. Don’t let me anywhere near the lights but on a serious note, Cable has got a wicked atmosphere and some of the best nights in the capital, Idiosynphonic being one of them!

Why do your loyal Idiosynphonic ravers keep coming back for more?

The variation in the night, we try and be completely different from every other night down here, so we try and stick away from the Grime scene and the Shogun Audio sounds but try and bring in the more Electro-sounding Dubstep from the scene with some Liquid/Jump Up DnB thrown in there too. We also try and get as many artists on our line up as possible. Over the last year we have had Genetix, Koan Sound, Captain Crunch, Rollz in the bar and then try and get everyone to have as much fun as possible. Cutline got everyone on their knees the last time they played for us and then dropped their track and the place went mental, I have never seen Cable go off like that.

What were your thoughts behind the recurring Star Wars theme, take it you’re a fan?

I can’t remember why we did it last year but it was a massive line up and the video worked really well with it. This year we happened to fall on the right date and Kill The Noise’s logo goes well with Darth Vadar so the artwork is looking so sick! I am ridiculously excited about it as Kill The Noise, Alvin Risk, Calvertron and our Special Guest will be dropping some crazy tracks full of lazers!! Ha but I do wonder how many will play the ‘Imperiel March’ or a tune with it in.

What have you got coming up in the next couple of months?

I’m off to check the nightlife of Barcelona before gearing up to July 6th at Cable where we have some of our favourite artists in the scene Document One (Live) and Cutline. There will be drunken shenanigans on that night for sure and to follow up we have some very special announcements in regards to collaborations etc but that is towards the end of the summer and is to be kept under wraps for the time being!


Idiosynphonic 'May The 4th Be With You'
Friday 4th May at Cable

Info / Tickets


Main Room: Kill The Noise, Alvin Risk, Calvertron, Cutline, Tut Tut Child, Esoterra, Pote, Essbeedee.

Room Two - hosted by Shhhed: Rankoutsider, Gazzinho, Tomek N, Vice DJs, Dankman B2B Vybez, Phonografik.

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