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Commix first rose to fame around 2005, with a fresh and original take on Liquid Drum and Bass, coming away from the tougher, techier sounds of the early 2000's. Already having releases on some of the biggest labels around including Hospital, Exit and Good Looking Records, it wasn't until 2007 when they really burst onto the scene with their now legendary album, "Call To Mind". The duo's talent was instantly recognised by Metalheadz head honcho, Goldie, with his imprint then becoming a second home for the boys.

However, last year the duo, consisting of Guy Brewer and George Levings, announced they would split, with Levings continuing the Commix project on his own. Nearly a year on and the quality that became synonymous with the Commix name has continued, with George releasing a selection of Commix's work from 2003 - 2008 late last year, entitiled "Dusted". His new track "Fallen", available for free download, showcases his maturity as a producer, stripped back in places but with rolling drums and an infectious bassline creeping in and out... classic Commix!

Ahead of his performance this Saturday alongside fellow DnB heavyweights and veterans, Goldie, Fabio and DJ Die, we sat down with George to find out his Top 10 Drum and Bass tracks.

We Fear Silence vs Idiosynphonic with Goldie, Fabio & Commix
Saturday 30th March at Cable, London

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Top 10:

1. Goldie vs Burial - Deity - Metalheadz

2. Commix - Tesseare (Feat D Bridge) Exit Not available so here's another Commix & D Bridge collaboration...

3. Marcus Intalex - Cabal - Ingredients records

4.Marcus Intelex - Blu Mar Ten - 'All Thoughts Are Prayers' (Marcus Intalex remix) - Blu Mar Ten Music

5. Sabre & Cern - Pinch Me - Dispatch

6. Instra:Mental & D-Bridge - White Snares - Non Plus

7. Calibre - Plugs - Footprints

8. Commix - Fallen - Metalheadz

9. Dub Phizix - Rainy City Music - Ingredients Records

10. Calibre - Notting Hill - Signature

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Top 10: Commix
26th March 2013
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