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Hyperdub's Sara Abdel-Hamid, otherwise known as Ikonika, has always done things her own way and has most definitely had an air of mystery around her for a few years. Billed as a Dubstep DJ, even though more often or not you will not hear her play any Dubstep in her sets, her synth heavy productions found a natural home at Kode9's Hyperdub. Her production has always been considered as forward thinking and now with her own imprint, Hum & Buzz, it seems she wants to give other similar minded producers an outlet for their work. We quickly caught up with her ahead of her performance at Licked Beatz at Cable later this month to find out her Top 10 tracks of 2012.

Licked Beatz with Phaeleh & DJ Die
Friday 30th November at Cable, London

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1. Miguel - Arch N Point (RCA Records)
Not a club track, just pure euphoria! It has the right amount of sexy and melancholy. We call it 'Space R'n'B'.

2. Jam City - Her (Night Slugs)
My favourite club track this year. Intricate beats with double bass pedal kicks, sick melodic break down and those posing hits and stabs. Camera, flash, what!

3. DJ Sliink - Vibrate (Body High)
The guys in the states are really smacking it up for me. For the first time in a while I feel the UK underground is not really as relevant. I always either play this track or 'Put Cha Back In It' (from the same EP).

4. MikeQ & Angel X - Let it all Out 2012 (Fade To Mind)
MikeQ has had an amazing year. I love how stripped back his beats are, this tune represents exactly what I want people to do on the dance floor. 'Let it all out bitch'.

5. Helix - Drum Track (Night Slugs)
Straight to the point club track. I love mixing this record, an amazing concoction of Techno and Grime.

6. L-Vis 1990 - Workout (Night Slugs)
L-Vis smacked it on his Club Construction release. This has a great Dance Mania/DJ Funk vibe about it.

7. Levon Vincent - Fabric 63 (Fabric)
I know its a whole CD but this mix is just beautiful. I'm a big fan of Levon Vincent, I still need to see him play live. If I had to pick a highlight track from this mix, it would be 'Rainstorm II'.

8. Pearson Sound - Untitled (Pearson Sound)
Pearson Sound has got his sound and grooves down to a t. Echoes of B-More, sad vocal cut ups with that organ and strings, this track killed me when I first heard it.

9. Hype Williams - Untitled 5 (Hyperdub)
I love this track, I have no idea what the lyrics are. The vocal melody is incredible.

10. Ikonika - Cold Soaking (Hum + Buzz)
It's always kind of a LOL when artists pick their own tunes, but I was just so happy to release this as part of my 'I Make List's EP. I still bash it out as I love the reaction it gets.

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