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With the end of the year just around the corner (or if you're totally stupid, the end of the Mayan calendar and thus the end of the world followed by our ascension into the 4th Dimension) every blog, website, man and his dog is churning out their top (enter number here) of whatever of 2012 like it was going out of fashion faster than bro step. With all the commotion yours truly at Cable HQ has compiled the Top 10 Top charts across the web.

Resident Advisor Top 50 Tracks of 2012
With so many RA lists to choose from it wasn't easy. This is what I've gone for, purely because while all the best tunes of the last 12 months (bar a few of course) were there, the RA track of the year was something very unexpected. Don't get me wrong though, it is an absolute tune.

Rotten Tomatoes 'Best Of' 2012
Everyone watches films, and a lot of those people then post ratings and reviews onto Rotten Tomatoes. It's the peoples film database, and it's pretty reliable. Although having looked through the list, I haven't heard of many of those films. This is a good thing though, I need to broaden my horizons anyway.

Bloombergs Top 25 Tech Gifts
Having trouble finding the perfect present for your technology-addict office secret santa? This list should help you out.

Top 50 Pictures of the Day by Twisted Sifter
I love photography, some of the images captures through a lens never fails to amaze me. If you're anything like me take a gander at this and you'll thank me later. There are some truly incredible snaps here.

XLR8R - Best of 2012 - Overrated Releases
I'm not really sure why such a prestigious blog as XLR8R would go out of their way to put down artists it otherwise supports but here is this list nonetheless.

Best RA Podcast of 2012
This isn't so much a list, more a personal opinion of what was the best mix I listened to in the last 12 months. Joy Orbison's RA mix has been played in this office about 10 times. That's a lot if, in your office, you listen to 8 hours of house/techno/dubstep/DnB/garage a day. Listen to this before the world ends in a few days.

2012 in Quotes - Pitchfork
We are humans. We talk. Some more than others. Somethings nice and somethings not. Somethings thought-provoking and somethings just plain dumb. Take a look at Pitchforks list of things that have come out of our mouths this year.

Time Out Magazine - 50 Best Albums of 2012
Featuring a plethora of differing musical genres that span house to hip-hop, indie to RnB. Go out and buy all of these... Today.

Resident Advisor Top DJs of 2012
I knew I'd have to put another RA list in here. This is without a doubt the most professionally compiled list of DJs around the globe in the order that makes the most sense. I'm sorry DJMag but how David Guetta even features on your lists it just cray.

Clash Music's Ones to watch for 2013
A nice finisher to this list. Keep your eyes peeled for these names over the next 12 months. That's if we're all still here.

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18th December 2012
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