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Ruaridh Law otherwise known as TVO will be showcasing his dark, ambient techno sound ahead of his appearance this Saturday at Cable for We Fear Silence present Blueprint. Formerly known as The Village Orchestra where Ruaridh produced more experimental work, then focused his production onto the the dancefloor and TVO was born. Former resident of Jackmaster's highly regarded Numbers night in Glasgow, TVO has had support from Mary Ann Hobbs, Fact Mag, The Wire, and of course James Ruskin.

We caught up with Ruaridh to find out his Top 10 tracks ahead of his performance at Blueprint.

We Fear Silence present Blueprint: Robert Hood - Live & James Ruskin
Saturday 17th November at Cable, London

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Top 10:

Sensate Focus - X (Sensate Focus 10)

Jagged, crystalline house music, like an 80s champagne and coke party rendered without anti-aliasing. The best house records of the year.

Shadows - Distorted Images (Mike Parker remix) (Avian)

Everything Mike Parker has done or will do will be on every top ten of mine till I die. Utterly beguiling, unique, otherwordly techno that sounds completely distinct.

Lee Gamble - Dollis Hill (PAN)

The ghosts of hardcore come tapping at the door. The MC at Rage spits M.R. James through a haze of fog and quaaludes.

Cut Hands - Black Mamba (Blackest Ever Black)

The drum as a weapon of fast-moving, direction switching, speed blurring hypnotism.

Production Unit - Third Step (Broken20)

Even if he wasn't one of my oldest and best friends, and it wasn't on my label, this slow-mo house yomp (imbued with more rave ghosts) would be up there.

Silent Servant - Invocation of Lust (extended 12" mix) (Hospital Productions)

In which the increasingly most interesting ex Sandwell activist flexes and breathes longer life into an album highlight.

Marquis Hawkes - Sealion Woman (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams)

Dance Mania via Jamie Liddell. Crooning over a distorted kick keeps it sublimely simple on this new but increasingly essential Glasgow label.

CUB - CU2 (UST Funk mix) (CUB)

Regis strips it back, and forward. Notable for my three year old comparing it to "a train at the station, leaving, going over a level crossing, then picking up heavy trucks"

Sylvain Chaveau and Stephan Mathieu - Prince Alone In The Studio (Schwebung) (No Preview available)

Bill Callaghan covers over beautiful modal drone? What should be a bad post-modern exercise becomes the most compelling music I;ve heard this year.

Unspecified Enemies - We Can Elude Control (Numbers) (No Preview Available so here's Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit instead)

The one record that never ever leaves my box gets reissued. Skip all the extraneous stuff and head straight for the essential original.

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Top 10: TVO
14th November 2012
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