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Dubstep don's Truth are 1 of the best musical exports ever to come out of New Zealand and without a doubt have helped massively shape the ever growing bass music landscape and following in their native homeland. We recently sat down with duo ahead of their performance this Friday at GetDarker to find out their top tunes.

3 Top Tunes Right Now:

Truth - Devil's Hands

Kaiju - Close Break VIP (Tune is so fresh there's not even a clip available so here's the original)

Truth + Yayne - I Belong

3 Top Tunes in the Scene:

Mala- Changes

Digital Mystikz- Anti War Dub

Skream - Midnight Request Line

3 Top Influences on You:

Kromestar - Kalawanji

Kryptic Minds- Badman

Loefah - Mud

1 Guilty Pleasure:

Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That - Dancing with it at full volume on a regular basis!

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Top Tuna: Truth
11th October 2012
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