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Hailing from Luton the family duo of Torqux and Twist have been turning heads and moving feet in the Dubstep scene in the past year. Tunes like ‘Bare Nite’ and ‘Unleashed’ are what have brought them to many people’s attention with unrelenting basslines taking centre stage of their productions. Having already released on labels such as Rottun Records, their quest for Dubstep domination continues this year with an impending EP on Black Butter Records which is only the start for them. Ahead of their performance at Idiosynphonic on 6th January we caught up for Torqux and Twist to discuss their productions techniques, touring and their new years resolutions.

How did you both meet each other?

We are actually cousins and just live down the road from each other, it’s quite convenient.

When you write songs together do you both end up with different roles in the studio or are your responsibilities split 50/50?
When we’re writing a song, we usually just keep switching places, or have two computers set up so one of us can resample some sounds and the other can carry on making the drums etc. So yeah pretty much 50/50.

Idiosynphonic is Cable's first Friday night of the New Year! Will we see you struggling with any resolutions on the night?

We're both pretty healthy, we don't really have any bad habits, really need to cut down looking at cats on youtube though.

Who are your musical inspirations when producing?

Depends what we are producing, you can literally get inspiration from any genre on music, most of the time it’s Noisia, they are a huge influence to us.

How do you both see dubstep evolving in the next few years?
It’s definitely still growing. There’s endless opportunities when producing a dubstep track, really looking forward to seeing it evolve over the forthcoming years.

Your touring has taken you around Europe and across Canada, what show had the best crowd you've ever played to?
Canada was incredible but the best show we've played so far was Sziget Festival in Budapest, over 9000 people in the tent we played in, it was ridiculous.

What are your hobbies outside from music?
Tea shops & baking.

What's in the pipeline next year for you both?
We're just about to start on new 6-track EP for BlackButter Records, we also have a few collaborations in the pipeline which were really looking forward too.

Torqux + Twist will be performing at Idiosynphonic on 6th January alongside Hazard, D*Minds, Cutline and more.
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