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Dear People of the Internet,

Ok, so we don't have a 'Worst of the Web' section but if we did this article would surely be in there.

Now, there comes a point in everyones life where we're hanging out with some mates and someone skins a joint. That dutchie then gets passed to the left-hand side and at some point your watery-eyed friend offers you the joint with the words 'Hey man, you wanna hit?' stumble out his mouth like drunk dung beetles in a cow paddy. Let's be honest, 99% of people take the hit.

This exact situation came upon Canadian national treasure Justin Bieber not too long ago. He took the hit. Big deal. No one cares that much about some pretty boy smoking a blunt, in fact most of us would applaude him for showing the first signs that he is not a total douche. But no, someone had to go and ruin it for the rest of us.

There has been a trending hashtag on twitter recently named #Cut4Bieber and it, like most internent phenomenons, was started by trolls as a joke. And like most internet jokes it gets into the mainstream and blows up. But #Cut4Beiber is a little different. There are some people out there that love Justin Bieber so much that the idea of him smoking a cheeky spliff and being 'normal' is too much to bare, so they have actually bestowed upon themselves the task of cutting themselves as some sort of act of defiance against the teen pop sensation.

People are actually self harming themselves over this.

I know, it's totally ridiculous. How anyone can be so into another person that they've never met to the point that they will cut themselves when they disagree with that persons actions is just insane. I bet Justins' mother hasn't cut herself, so how anyone can justify this I have no idea.

People who think this is a good idea - carry on and kindly remove yourselves from the gene pool.

Your sincerely,

The Sane.

Ps, with the bad, there's is always a little good -

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