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It was a great day for dance music when Disclosure's latest anthem came into the UK charts at a stunning #2. It proved that contemporary dance music (albeit GOOD dance music) isn't all Balearic techno or nefarious dubstep, inaccessible to the every day listener. The track is undeniably pop, but hey, it's a great pop song and hats off to them. It shows the diversity of their skills when compared to other tracks such as 'Tenderly', 'My Intention is War!' and 'What's In Your Head'.

After releasing a track with such success, a video was definitely on the cards. But the end result is not what you'd expect. Given the sound of the track you'd expect something more along the lines of what Calvin Harris is doing, but instead the video is, in it's most basic form, a love story between a security guard and a receptionist. We see the security guard (let's call him Romeo) waking up, bacon in the pan, then off to work where the receptionist (gonna have to call her Juliet) gives him a cheeky smile on his way in. On his way home from work Romeo swings past a derelict house and smashes out some dance moves, making shapes like a pro. Without spoiling the story, Romeo then takes Juliet to the same house and shows her his moves, wooing her, she seems impressed and they live happily ever after.

Romeo has definitely got some tekkers on the dance floor, but that's not the only thing to enjoy. It appears to be set in what looks like a run down part of Detroit. The cinematography is beautiful with some incredible shots to gaze at. Almost reminisent of '8 Mile', and it makes the story between Romeo and Juliet all the more sweet, like finding love in a dark place or something. There's no time to get into it so just watch the video and enjoy!

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