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Every year it’s the same question – what are you doing for NYE? For some, this time of year is a great chance to plan something extravagant and outlandish to sign off a good year and usher in the new one on a high. For others the simple utterance of the three words immediately triggers images of failed New Years’ experiences from yesteryear – the time you didn’t make it into the club before midnight or that house party that never really got going because everyone kept leaving to go to ‘better’ ones. We’ve all been there and believe it or not so have some of your favourite DJ’s so we got a few words from Ulterior Motive and D-Bridge, who are appearing at Faster NYE, about some of their past New Years Eve experiences and some tips to make this one all the better.

Tell us a tale… what have been your best and worst NYE ‘s ever?
Ulterior Motive: Probably my worst experience on NYE was about 13 years ago, I played for an event in Europe. When I arrived my passport was stolen and I had no hotel and I didn’t get paid for the gig. I had to spend the night in a cockroach invested flat. I am pleased to say things are a lot better these days. The best ones I cant remember.

D-Bridge:My best New Years was leading a conga line around Haticko Crossing in Japan for 1999-2000. Amazing memories. Worst?! Can't say I've had a bad one yet to be honest. I'm lucky that what I do always takes me to a party.

What’s your ultimate New Year’s Eve midnight track?

Ulterior Motive: Top Buzz – Living In Darkness

D-Bridge:Hmmm good question! Something that's talks of past love and the excitement of the unknown things to come. Maybe I'll write it.

What’s your ultimate New Year’s day recovery track?
Ulterior Motive: Anything by Marvin Gaye or Joanna Newsom is going to get me through.

D-Bridge: Next day recovery music has to be easy on the ears and soothing for both my head and soul. So maybe something by an old soul crooner, preferably female. Early Aretha Franklin has the desired effect

Ulterior Motive and D-Bridge will be appearing at Faster NYE at Cable alongside Friction, Cyantific, Rockwell, Wilkinson and more.
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