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Having been back from traveling for just over 7 months now, the nostalgia is feeling heavy. The last thing I did before I returned was go diving off a little island in Indonesia and it was beautiful. So today when I was perusing the Daily Mail I found these images and decided it was time for a post about pretty things, rather than something ridiculous/funny/gross/topical/musical.

Underwater photography is not a cheap activity. By the time you've got your dSLR, underwater flash and waterproof housing for your £1500 camera you've spent over £5000, so while this is an expensive hobby, the only people who can afford it are the people who are already sick at taking pictures and probably made heaps of benjamins already from taking snaps. This particular set of pictures is a blend between beauty and novelty.

Here's a little teaser -

Check out the full set here.
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