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If the world was going to end I'm pretty sure we'd all be aware of it by now. But nevertheless, there are those that are militantly awaiting the destruction of our fair planet. Or is it the destruction of the planet we are waiting for? Surely what's really going on is we're ascending to the 4th dimension of spirituality, where we can vibrate our inner energy at much higher frequencies, thus becoming one with the grass, pebbles and helmet crabs.

Does that sound about right?


You can watch the stream live all the way from Mexico via the Telegraph or any other site that is streaming the madness directly to your screen. There's going to be a lot of disappoint I reckon, but having said that, my sister so happens to be there at the moment and she can report that everyone is smoking peyote and drinking tequila. So if the world does end at least they probably won't remember it. Those that still have their consciousness will have forgotten all about the destruction of the planet and assume the fountains of lava are part of their epic 17 day trip. They'll wake up in the after life bitterly disappointed.

The main thing is; see you tomorrow.

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