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Red Bull have started a brand new series called 'When X met Y' and its premise is to record or reminisce about the first time two musical creatives met and what ensued from that point after in their friendship. Sound like a good idea? Well it certainly is as most talented creatives will usually get on like a house on fire. Except Baauer and Azealia Banks.

So to kick things off, the first in the series covers the moment when acclaimed and sorely missed hip hop producer J Dilla met (at the time) up-and-coming soul vocalist Erykah Badu. The interview talks about how, when they first met, Dilla proceeded to give her a lesson on sampling (what else right?!) and the eventual tribute she wrote for him at his untimely death.

RBMA have a habit of doing things right, and kicking off the series with such respected artists can only mean great things in the near future. Click here to read the full article.
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When X met Y
26th February 2013
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