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DJ, label owner and producer Will Saul has been knee deep in dance music since the early 2000’s so he’s seen and (more importantly) bucked a myriad of trends along the way – always maintaining a high level of quality releases over the years on both his Simple and Aus Music record labels. From Disco to Techno he’s had a hand in releasing seminal music from Sideshow, Joy Orbison, Midland, Lee Jones and not forgetting Mr. Saul himself. Notching up the 50th release this year was no easy feat - so we felt it best to get some words from him about his labels, edits and plans for the festive period ahead of his headline appearance at Jaded’s Christmas Party this Sunday.

Happy belated 50th Will! Admittedly not you, but your excellent Simple imprint hit the big 5-0 at the start of this year. Any plans to buy a Porsche / jack it all in and open a B&B or any other typical midlife crisis milestones?
Thanks. I would love an old 60's vintage Porsche but I need to sell a few more records before I can afford one of those, so basically I can't really afford a proper mid-life crisis!

Simple’s sister label Aus has been putting out some crackers recently! Any personal highlights from the label from the last year?

Difficult to ever pick a favourite on either of the labels – would be like picking a favourite child. The SCB release 'Loss' was definitely a biggie for us sales wise though.

You’re spinning at Jaded’s Christmas party on Sunday 18th December. It’s not the first time you’ve spun for Jaded - how differently to you have to plan a set for this time of the night / day?!

It's a very different vibe playing an after-hours. You kind of need to tune into the energy of the people in the room before you set your groove. You can usually go a bit more wonky and deep as people are often a little more 'open minded' shall we say.

Are you going to pull an all-nighter, or rise bright and early and head to Cable after a bowl of Crunchy Nuts?
I usually get up and have a coffee and pain au chocolate before Jaded but as I've recently moved to the country and no longer live in London this will not be possible. Plus I am playing at the Phonica Christmas party only a few hours before so I will be going straight through.

We love that you compiled an inspiration mix this year which included your (admittedly much more refined than the original!) edit of the Top Gun Anthem! Any other epic power ballads you fancy turning your attention to?

Difficult to beat Phil Collins for a heart wrenching melancholic power ballad. I also play an edit of 'Can't Go For That' by Hall & Oates that never fails. Mick Hucknall recently followed me on Twitter as well, which is a bit weird.

One of the latest release on Aus comes from Cottam called ‘Deep Deep Down’, can you tell us a bit about Cottam and about the track?
Paul Cottam is a lovely father of 3 from Preston that somehow manages to find the time to write slo-mo, chuggy deeply sexy house and techno with a real disco twang. Kind of the mutant child of Mark E in sound and vibe.

We just checked out a cheeky remix of Cliff Richard he did, and have to admit – it’s wicked! What do you reckon Sir Cliff would make of it?
I somehow doubt he'd be into it knowing what a tyrannical monster Sir Cliff can be.

Cliff Richard-Ease Along (Cottams butchered Cliff Mix)-CLIFF01 Low Bitrate MP3 Unmastered by Cottam

Now it’s time for the obligatory Christmas questions I’m afraid – but we’ll try and make them as painless as possible. All we want for Christmas is our two front teeth. What do you want for Christmas?
The health and happiness of my family and friends. And an iPad.

Our New Year’s resolution is drink less Jaegerbombs. What’s yours?

A little less red wine would be a good one for me. Otherwise I quit smoking just under a year ago so I'm relatively guild free for this New Year...relatively.

Please can you give us a heads up on what to look out for from Aus / Simple next year?
We have plenty in the pipeline for Aus – a maxi (5 track) EP from Midland with remixes from Lone and someone extra special that I can't confirm yet. An EP from George FitzGerald, another EP from Cottam and a single from SCB/Scuba (when he finds the time). We will also be introducing a new act called Bicep (new in terms of productions but well known as London promoters) - a super EP from them with remixes.

Will Saul will be playing at Jaded's Christmas Party alongside Raymundo Rodriguez and special guests on Sunday 18th December.
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Will Saul Interview
14th December 2011
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