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Flying the flag for Berlin’s infamous Berghain nightclub and Ostgut Ton record label, Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock are known for their uncompromising take on Techno, both in production and DJing style. The pair have won plaudits for bringing a raw and authentic feel back to techno and championing the Berghain sound. In the build-up to We Fear Silence present Blueprint Records on 8th October we caught up with Marcel and Ben to talk about dubstep, running a record label and how to endure a 12-hour marathon DJ set.

You’re known for playing marathon sets of up to 12 hours at Berghain, how do you balance these sets between music that may be seen as leftfield and more club-focused material?

Ben: How do I balance it? I just play what I play when I think it's the right time to play it.

Marcel: In general I don't prepare my DJ sets record by record because I always try to be responsive to the atmosphere of the crowd. Being focused on the moment and then picking the right record is every time a great challenge for me whether it's a marathon or a short set.

Although your lineage is in Techno you play everything from house classics right up to present day UK bass music from the likes of Pearson Sound, Scuba and Actress. What producers are you taking notice of at the moment and why?

Ben: I'm definitely more into Techno than Dubstep. It seems to be very fashionable at the moment to say: ‘Oh yeah, I play a lot of Dubstep in my Techno sets.’ The reality is it almost never happens and for good reasons. Where is the fun and the groove in those nerdy self-absorbed tracks? Don't take me too seriously, I just like to provoke a bit. I follow Robert Hood, Planetary Assault Systems, DVS1 and Truncate.

Marcel: There are quite a lot of good producers at the moment who really surprise me so I don't want to point out single names.

Having a respected Techno label like Ostgut Ton backing your sound, what made you decide to start your own label?

Ben: Klockworks has a more raw and stripped down feel - not as ‘epic’ as Ostgut. I wanted to have a, Work In Progress, platform besides Ostgut Ton.

Marcel: It started when I began to work at Hardwax. To get to know the [record] label business better felt very attractive to me and I really liked the fact of being my own boss. So I built up my own label MDR [Marcel Dettmann Records]. The thoughts behind it were - and still are - to provide a platform for friends and their music. Little by little I also released some of my own music. MDR was always meant to be a label with clear statements just focused on music. In connection with that I'm happy to announce that I just signed a new artist Wincent Kunth and there are two other great artists I'm just talking to at the moment.

What can we expect release-wise from you and your respective labels in the near future?

Ben: There is a new DVS1 release coming next month. Really looking forward to playing these tracks from vinyl finally. We [Marcel and I] wanted to work on a new double 12" but we were both too busy with our own projects and traveling this year. We will try to make it next year.

Marcel: The Conducted mix compilation will be released at the beginning of November. My last 12" on Ostgut Ton has just been released and on MDR I will come up with a Wincent Kunth 12" beginning of December. In matters of new things for Deuce [with Shed] or with Ben I hope we can manage something next year.

With such a heavy touring schedule, when was the last time you enjoyed yourself in a club when you weren’t playing?

Ben: That barely happens. I enjoy myself in a club when I play. Work and joy is one thing for me.

Marcel: To be honest I love my job and I can't remember. I'm always on tour and playing every weekend, so when there is a free time slot which I could use for going out I prefer doing other things and spending time with my wife and our friends.

As the Blueprint records night moves ever closer, what can we expect from your 4-hour back to back set with Marcel?

Ben: We'll work our asses off to make it a good night for everyone. And of course expect some dubstep here and there in our set!

Marcel: Let us surprise you.

Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann will be playing alongside James Ruskin at We Fear Silence present Blueprint Records on Saturday 8th October
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