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The Swedes have somehow developed a reputation that, amongst other things, oozes obscurity and boarders on the bizarre. The latest serving of which has been brought to you by Fredrik Hjelmquist of Stockholm. The 48-year-old and father-of-two claims that the Swedes are somewhat afraid of death, and with his rave-coffin he hope to bring a sense of joviality to the whole 'death' thing. For the sum of £18,500 you can be buried in a CataCoffin which features its very own state-of-the-art sound system. The music can be controlled via the CataTomb app or the 7 inch LCD touchscreen that will inevitably make your gravestone look more like a iPad Mini with every twilight fan boys idea of the most awesome protective case ever.

The coffin is also sound proofed so as to not disturb your neighbours while they listen to their own music or, like most of us, get on with rotting away.

Good job Fredrik. If there's one thing that needs to be made less serious or petrifying, it's the subject of losing consciousness FOREVER, going into an unknown place (whether our consciousness transfers to this 'new' place, who knows) which could be better or worse than this one, and having your physical remains eaten by things that make your skin crawl. Personally I will be cremated and hopefully have my ashes scattered somewhere scenic and as far away from whatever cyber world we'll be living in in 60 years.

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