Friday 21st October 2011

Basslaced Gets Darker

Main Room: Joker, Toddla T, Mensah, Kromestar, Darkside B2B Tunnidge plus competition winner Soul Circuit

MC's: Crazy D, Koast, Toast

Room Two: Pack London feat. Tru:Tek, Get Low Cartel, Kear, Harikiri, DJ Muse, Legaspi & Niko, White Tyson

Basslaced are the party boys of London bridge and this month they've teamed up with Get Darker, the original Croydon dubsteper's who brought you the massive "This Is Dubstep" compilation CD series. Joker, Toddla T and Mensah are all their to bring the fun, alongside Get Darker's peeps, Kromestar, Tunnidge & Darkside. This one is set to be massive...

10:00pm ~ 6:00am

£7 Early Bird
£9 Advance

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