Saturday 28th July 2012

Big Vinyl Circus

DJs: Lorenzo Panico, Funnylookincreatures

WORDS: Big Vinyl Circus

The concept behind BIG VINYL CIRCUS came from a handful of experienced music lovers who want to create a party that brings together the classic sound of house music, combined with the modern touch of techno, minimal and electro, all mixed and played on VINYL for the coolest crowd of discerning clubbers.

Our mission at BIG VINYL CIRCUS is complete freedom, both for our artists to showcase their talents and for our patrons to experience the hedonism with joyful abandon. With this in mind we will operate a 'no camera' policy, as we want to preserve the originality and privacy for all who attend.

Tear down the boundaries of after-hours clubbing- and prepare yourself for the unique experience of the BIG VINYL CIRCUS!

5:30am ~ 1:00pm

£10 Advance
£15 OTD

Tickets On The Door