Saturday 16th February 2013

Big Vinyl Circus with Gianluca Sved & Valentina Colvin

DJs: Gianluca Sved, Valentina Colvin

Words: Big Vinyl Circus

Our mission at BIG VINYL CIRCUS is complete freedom; for our artists to showcase their talents, and for our patrons to experience hedonism with joyful abandon.

With this in mind we operate a No Camera No Photo Policy to preserve the originality and privacy for all who attend.

We Love Saturday Morning.

VALENTINA COLVIN has been involved in electronic music since 2004, when she started managing
important events in her home town, Concepcion, Chile. Since then she fell DEEPLY in love with this music
and became an important part of the Chilean electronic music scene. It is this love that brought her to
become a DJ.

In 2007 she started playing out and by 2009-2010 Vale Colvin came to be considered one of the best
female DJs in her country. During those years she played in the most important clubs in Chile with the most
recognized DJs, such as: Francisco Allendes (Cocoon), Felipe Valenzuela (Cadenza) , (Melisma), Butano (8
Bit), among others. That summer she moved to Porto do Galhinas (Recife, Brasil) where she obtained a
residency at the elegant Luz de Limao Sound Café.

Between 2010-2011 she traveled to Europe for the summer season, playing in Ibiza and Berlin, moving
forward and learning more about the music industry. There she played at the well-known UNDERGROUND
IBIZA and some others . Since then Valentina has also become part of the Cigarra collective (CHILE),
characterized by underground sounds.

Vale is currently living in Berlin, making her first steps in music production. She is resident at
DETOUR BERLIN PARTIES and already played in Clubs like Club Der Visionare, Chalet and KaterHolzig
sharing with important Djs such us Vera , Dani Casarano ,Rebekah Aff and others.

In her sets she makes you move with her minimalistic and deep house sounds which merge gracefully with
some deep techno and sexy tech house. Her deep & harmonic trip is always based in Vinyls & CDs.

What sets apart Gianluca Sved from other current DJs, is his unique talents to mix Vinyls/CDs at any time or in any situation, producing the sexiest sounds every single time. This is no MagiC or Coincidence because Gianluca Sved gives all of himself every time he is on the decks. He plays for love…

Yes, his first Love, Music.
At the age of 16, he was forced into the worlds of adults where he had to work and take care of his little brothers while other kids would be going to school. Music became his solace and when he was not busy sweating to make living working, he would trot the streets of Naples (ITALY) in order to seek more love…. Naples was the cradle where house music was first played in Europe.

By the age of 20, Gianluca Sved had witnessed the rise of House music in Europe and was brushing shoulders with famous DJs such as...Little Luis Vega, Kanny Dope Gonzales, Franky Neckless, David Morales, Roger Sanchez and others.. (add more..)

The next stage was IBIZA of course, where he opened up his own bar and started living for his love & passion.

But a brief holiday to London changed his plans and he decides to make it home. In 2005, Gianluca Sved was spotted by music promotes in West London at a Friend's gig and instantly signed up as resident DJ at a couple of central London Venues.

He is among the few who masters the art of Spinning/ mixing Vinyls and to the delight of his fans, he is setting the bar high for other Djs. This is bringing a breath of fresh tunes and real talent back into the London Warehouse music scenes.

Currently highly in demand because of his solid performance, you can hear him play at the Den, Nomad, Cargo, Pacha, … or if you are lucky, at his own warehouse .

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