Saturday 13th October 2012

Cable present Planet V & Samurai Music

DJs: Planet V - Roni Size, DJ Die, Bryan Gee, JJ Frost, Artificial Intelligence, Serum B2B Savage Rehab, Ruffstuff

LIVE PA's: DR Meaker, David Boomah

MC's: Deefa, Moose, AD

Bar: Eveson, Level 2, Critycal Dub, D Ramatic, MR Joseph, Jordan V

DJs:Samurai Music - Marcus Intalex, Klute, Break, Loxy, Skeptical, Presha

MC's: SP:MC, DRS, 2Shy

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Two men who are no strangers to Cable's hallowed arches are Bryan Gee & Presha, so it's fitting we’ve invited them both back, this time together under the banners of their respective labels.

With the help of Jumpin' Jack Frost, Bryan Gee’s Planet V imprint started life way back in 1993 and since then it's back catalogue has been ever bulging with outing after outing of subsonic meanness. Ed Rush & Optical, Ray Keith, Dillinja, Adam F and a plethora of others have all had their beats on Planet V releases. In contrast to this, New Zealand man Presha's Samurai Music is relatively young in comparison but equally prolific in it's substance. He's been a leading name in the development of the scene in New Zealand as well as propelling artists such State of Mind, Tokyo Prose and Bulletproof amongst others to stardom.

Heading up this monstrous soiree is Bristolian and V records stalwart Roni Size. His propulsive jungle beats and vast experience spanning more than 20 collaborative and solo studio albums, is something everyone should witness at least once. Released more than a decade ago back in 1997, Roni's 'New Forms' LP was a benchmark for not just the drum and bass genre that it leapt from, but for all types of electronic music. 2002 saw the release of his first truly solo album entitled 'Touching Down' and it's still one of the biggest selling independent drum and bass albums ever released. Make no mistake, this is a real treat.

This line-up is so large, to talk about each artist individually would result in this blurb being more informative, undoubtedly more interesting, but unfortunately longer than most Cambridge graduates PhD thesis. So, with that in mind, offering up a solid footing to this momentous affair we have DJ Die, Bryan Gee, JJ Frost, Artificial Intelligence, Serum B2B Savage rehab and Ruffstuff in the Planet V arch and Marcus Intalex, Klute, Break, Loxy, Skeptical and Presha in the Samurai arch. In the bar we welcome Eveson, Level 2, Critycal Dub, D Ramatic, MR Joseph and Jordan V and on hosting duties we have SP:MC, DRS, 2Shy, Deefa, Moose and AD. And… Relax!

10:00pm ~ 6:00am

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