Saturday 2nd June 2012

WFS present Commercial Suicide - Nymfo Album Launch Party with Calibre Nymfo & more

DJs: Klute, Nymfo, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Dom & Roland, Vicious Circle, Presha

MCs: Lowqui, Ryme Tyme, Justyce

We Fear Silence will once again bash heads with Tom 'Klute' Wither's Commercial Suicide label on Saturday June 2nd. After a truly momentous endeavour with A Bunch Of Cuts here back in 2011, the C.S. crew were well overdue a return to Cable.

Klute's Commercial Suicide imprint has been releasing forward-looking Drum & Bass since it's birth in 2001. The London based label was started due to Klute's thirst to release his own unsigned material. Since then the label has surpassed the half century mark with releases from the likes of Amit, Break, Gridlok, Bulletproof, Dub Phizix, Concord Dawn & Calibre and has proved itself to be a prolific force in the world of D&B.

And so the the music… Boss man Klute will lead the affray with his Techno influenced breed of Drum & Bass which draws on the flavours of house, dub and progressive. Meanwhile C.S. buddy Nymfo will also celebrate the release of his latest album, 'Characters' on said imprint, with one of his trademark tough-edged performances. Calibre, who boasts releases on Metalheadz and Signature Records, as well as the aforementioned, will bring his bag of tricks to the table, as will Manc spinner Marcus Intalex who'll show off his genre spanning beats and bass sound. Offering up a solid foundation for the rave is D&B vet Dom & Roland who'll take things a little darker, 4 man collective Vicious Circle with their techy future funk sound and NZ man Presha who'll treat us to a lesson in sub-sonic grooves.

10:00pm ~ 6:00am

£9 Early Bird
£11 Advance
£13 OTD
£26 VIP Attic

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