Saturday 14th April 2012

EvolvE with Alexkid & Tom Demac (Live)

DJs: Alexkid, Tom Demac (live), Rainer, Unai Trotti, Dan Farserelli, Roberto Amo, Joseph Onik.

Evolve (ĭ-vŏlv')
To come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution: To undergo change and development, as the structures of the universe.

There are murmurs on the scene of a new concept coming to London clubland. A concept which will grow, evolve and change organically with each event. A concept which brings high calibre line-ups and a warm vibe.

And so to the music... French spinner Alexkid will lead the evolution and he's full qualified. This multi instrumentalist, composer, remix artist, DJ and sound engineer has set on a formidable trajectory since Laurent Garnier invited him to put out his debut single, ‘Playground’, in 1997. An electronic missionary, Alexkid has taken his epic live arrangements and
inventive DJ sets to the four corners of the map and everywhere in between.

Next up is Murmur and Hypercolour stalwart Tom Demac who will bring his highly regarded live set to further develop proceedings. Gathering inspiration from Detroit Techno, as well as influxes of Electronica, Dub and Jazz, Tom Demac writes and records live electronic music from the soul. He has developed his own characteristic sound based on a philosophy of creating music aimed at the dance-floor, but melodic enough to appreciate at home in the living room.

Tom will be joined by Rainer who's recently spun at some of the worlds best joints including Berlin's Watergate with his deep house beats and techy edge. In support will be new Evolve ressies Unai Trotti of Cartulis Day fame and Twisted Society's Joseph Onik who are the brains and braun behind the Evolve operation. We also welcome Roberto Amo and Dan Farserelli to this already monumental collection of artists.

11:00pm ~ 6:00am

£10 Advance
£12 Concessions List
£15 OTD

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