Friday 3rd August 2012

Get Darker: Outlook Send Off Party with Pinch & Author

Main Room: Pinch, Author (Live), Youngsta, Swindle, Jakes B2B Chef, Darkside, Ruckspin, My Nu Leng, Thelem, Versa, Crises (Old Skool Set), Karma, Preacha

Hosts: Toast, LX ONE, Sparkz

Bar Hosted by Hedmuk

WORDS: Get Darker

As the time approaches to order our Kuna what better way to bid our dusty crew goodbye than with one last send off. We've gone in with one of our deepest lineups yet, and teaming up with the mighty Outlook seemed only right. See you at the front...

10:00pm ~ 6:00am

£6 Early Bird
£8 Advance
£18 V.I.P Attic

VIP Treatment

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