Friday 22nd March 2013

Let Yourself Go with Cera Alba & more

DJs: Cera Alba, Sophie Lloyd, Nathan Rivers, Adam Cotier, Maximus, AlexM, Anonymous Deejay, Route One

Words: Let Yourself Go

The days are getting longer but we’re embracing the night at Relay, forget the cold winter start to the year and get Yourself's ready for GOH Music's first "Let YouSelf Go" instalment of 2013. This time round we are joined by Cera Alba (Hot Creations), Sophie Lloyd (Arcobaleno) & Nathan Rivers (Resonance), three of the music industries best. Along with the heavy DJ line up we have also decided to put together a amazing Production to show and remind people theres no party like a GOH Music Party.

10:00pm ~ 6:00am

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