Friday 9th November 2012

Loud Noise present Loefah, Boddika & more

DJs: Loefah, Boddika, Lil Silva, Mickey Pearce, Eliphino, Guy Andrews, Tessela, Jack Swift + Residents

Hosts: Asbo, Prof D, JJMC, Milo

Room 2 Hosted by 'House of Fame'

Following on from the success of our First Birthday back in August, one of the standout parties of the summer, we're back for more.

It's fair to say that Loud Noise lineup's never fail to hit the spot, and this is no exception, showcasing some of the best and most relevant artists from the scene.

So, see you all at Cable on November 9th for another EPIC party!

10:00pm ~ 6:00am

£8 Student Members
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£8 1st Release
£12 2nd Release
£22 Queue Jump

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