Saturday 8th December 2012

Shoom 25th Anniversary presents A Time For Love: A Celebration Of Our Culture

DJs: Danny Rampling, Derrick May, Bushwacka!, Farley + Heller, Alfredo + Leo Mas, Mark Moore, Trevor Fung, Antz, Dom Moir, Kris Di Angelis, Ilona Inc, Legendary Children

Visuals: Prickimage

Tickets for Shoom 25th Anniversary are now sold out.

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It's now 2012, it's 25 years since Shoom began and it's returning to SE1 for an unrivalled anniversary here at Cable. On Saturday 8th December (exactly 25 years and 3 days since Shoom's birth) Danny's mentor DJ Alfredo will perform alongside Amnesia cohort Leo Mas. Rampling himself will of course step up and Detroit legend Derrick May will also spin (who's records had a huge influence on the Shoom soundtrack in the late eighties). Shoom stalwarts Farley + Heller, Mark Moore, Trevor Fung, and Bushwacka! will also join the action after being instrumental in Shoom's musical direction as DJs. Meanwhile Antz, Dom Moir and Kris Di Angelis offer up a solid base for this epic shindig as do 'new bloods' Ilona Inc and Legendary Children...

9:00pm ~ 6:00am

Sold Out!