Saturday 17th November 2012

Sub Terrania

DJs: Nico Lahs (Ovum, Pokerflat, Morris Audio, Culprit), Gabbi Lopez (Bad Animal, Cartulis Day, Release Sustain), Mauro Ferno & Mestivan (Sub Terrania)

Words: Sub Terrania

Sub Terrania’s aim is to provide you with a wide spectrum of and take you on a journey though deep, twisted and tech house to minimal techno. Expect variation, and a dynamic atmosphere and prepare to get your body in motion to some deep, dark, dirty beats. We will submerge you into some of the finest house and techno in the capital. Sub Terranian’s can envisage a wide selection of genres, as we don’t pigeonhole ourselves. Expect the unexpected!


A mind focused in the future in every sense, characterized by a high sense of professionally.
These are maybe the best words to describe Nico Lahs, young musician of worldwide's underground music scene.
It's the tale of a child full of dreams, a tale about his love for drums grew up til today, becoming a true complete symbiosis with music at 360°.
Nico's figure is complex like a puzzle, the result of a youth written by experiences and extremes hardly recognizable in common places.
Behind his deep expression he hides at one side the charm of a party animal and on the other side the perfect accuracy of the pure musician;
all features that leave, in a way or another, an unforgettable sign in every person who gets in contact with him.
With a so particular personality and a always strong desire of freshness Nico is able to transform every performance, every set in every contest, unique in its own way.
Today his music is appreciated and supported by the biggest professionists and lovers of the international underground scene:
a clear sign that the role of this musician in the future's global panorama will be as an absolute protagonist.


Gabbi Lopez is an accomplished London based DJ/producer with a valuable experience within the music scene along the way.
French born with Portuguese origins, Gabbi grew up in North Portugal where his first adventures in music began. When he discovered house and techno, he dedicated hours behind his decks practicing with vinyls in a religious way.

The chance to be involved within the local club scene appeared as a distinctive point of no return to nothing else other than music and djing.
Appearances in well-respected clubs have landed as well as his own radio show, where his different influences were being showcased.
Diverse electronic sounds from different cities kept floating in Gabbi’s mind. It was then when he decided to move to London to study music production and search for the right path to take.

Getting a job in a record store, Gabbi gained more music knowledge, getting a taste of various musical genres. His talent has now being recognised in London’s scene and more regular gigs started coming in underground parties.


Sub Terrania Founders and Residents - A duo with an energy to pump a party from the beginning till the very end, leaving you wanting more. Either they are doing an extended peak time slot or an endless afterparty set they dynamic range sweats trough the speakers full of emotions and groove, they have developed their own sound and shows the freedom that breaks boundaries!

5:00am ~ 12:00pm

£8 Early Bird
£10 Advance

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