Friday 28th June 2013

Subdefine present Ten Thousand Yen

DJs: xxxy, Doc Daneeka, Mickey Pearce, Presk, C.R.S.T, Organ Grinder, Chesus, Didz, Blured, Ian Yeti

Words: Subdefine

Subdefine are excited to present record label Ten Thousand Yen for a night of exclusive and forward-thinking house, garage and bass music.

In room 1 xxxy, Presk and Mickey Pearce will be joined by label founders Doc Daneeka and Ian Yeti, to bring you an audio amalgamation of deep electronic sounds and syncopated beats, along with C.R.S.T., Didz, Chesus, The Organ Grinder and Blured in room 2.

11:00pm ~ 6:00am

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