Friday 8th March 2013

We Fear Silence present 15 years of Virus with Ed Rush, Optical and Matrix

Live stream begins 23:00 on Friday 8th March:

We Fear Silence present 15 Years of Virus

Due to overwhelming demand for this Friday's We Fear Silence present 15 Year of Virus rave, we've extended into Relay and thrown more artists into the mix. This means all 3 spaces at Cable will be in tune to the sounds of Virus for this epic mile stone in Drum and Bass history. As a result you'll also get more bang for your buck as a bumper collection of artists will now represent. Step up new additions Bailey, of 1Xtra fame, Renegade Hardware man InsideInfo, backtoback trio Cause4Concern (comprising of Optiv, CZA & Stuart Perkins), Ram Record's Basher and Touch, from Bristol's Drum and Bass elite.

Updated running order

Cable: Ed Rush & Optical, Black Sun Empire, The Upbeats, Optiv B2B BTK, Matrix, Audio, Frankee, Hosts: Rymetyme, 2Shy. Hosts: Rymetyme, 2Shy.

Relay: Bailey, Insideinfo, Cause4Concern, Basher, Touch.


When Ed Rush and Optical launched their own pursuit to change the course of dance music back in 1998, I don’t think even they could have forseen the growth Virus Recordings has had over the past 15 years. Coming from early beginnings, the label has in it’s time released the likes of Fiece, Matrix, Bad Company and Cause 4 Concern. Home to the sound of British techstep and neurounk, Virus is on a constant mission to inspire the next wave of sub genres.

So of course, when they decided to throw their 15th Birthday Bash at Cable, they had to bring together the biggest of talent – from across the board.

After recruiting Black Sun Empire to back up Optical and Ed Rush’s special B2B set, Matrix, The Upbeats and Audio also joined the mix. While a special collaborative appearance between Optiv and BTK sits right in the middle.

It’s going to be a scorcher, witness 15 years of history with the people who first started it.

10:00pm ~ 6:00am

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