Saturday 12th January 2013

We Fear Silence present Blackout with Hazard, BSE & more

DJs: Hazard, Black Sun Empire, Phace, Optical, Telekinesis, Mindscape, Foreign Concept

MC’s: Codebraker, 2Shy

Last time Black Sun Empire took over at We Fear Silence, they were fresh off the back of a blistering world tour and raised the roof with their tech-infused, high-octane drum and bass. This time will be more of the same. Exporting drum and bass around the world, the BSE crew have become global figureheads to the scene – helping compile and select the best in emerging DJ talent and wowing dance floors the world over. We're made up to have them back to help warm our winter blues in January 2013! With a line-up that compiles the best in forward facing drum and bass today; Hazard, Black Sun Empire, Phace, Telekenisis and more.

10:00pm ~ 6:00am

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